Source: AAP | Published: Monday June 26, 4:42 AM

Families give up hope over missing relatives
Families of some of the six Britons still unaccounted for after the Childers hostel disaster have given up hope that they are somehow still alive.

Relatives of Welsh woman Natalie Morris, 28, and English friends Gary Sutton and Michael Lewis, both 25, said they were prepared to hear confirmation of their worst fears, once the bodies of the

victims were formally identified.

The Welsh village of Aberfan was in shock again over the apparent loss of Ms Morris and 22-year-old Sarah Williams. In 1966, 116 children and 28 adults died in Aberfan when a coal tip collapsed

on the village school.

"We've heard nothing and fear the worst," Ms Morris' father Ken told the Sunday Mirror.

"I know Natalie would have phoned if she was alright.

"We are not coping very well - the atmosphere here is terrible and we are trying to comfort each other to get through it."

Mr Sutton's father Brian, comforting wife Valerie in the west England town of Bath, said: "We have not heard anything officially or for certain, but we fear the worst; we know he's dead.

"He would have phoned if he was alive."

Mary Lewis, of Bristol, said she was 'scared stiff' over her son Michael.

"When I was told about the fire, I couldn't believe it. Who could believe it about their own child?," she told the Sunday Times, adding her son and Mr Sutton had been greatly enjoying their trip.

"He was really enjoying himself. They both wanted to do this and it was a fantastic experience for them."

Mr Sutton and Mr Lewis worked as croupiers in a Bristol casino before heading to Australia for a year's break, which was due to end late next month.

The Sunday Times said other Britons missing and feared dead after the fire were Melissa Smith and Nicola Morgan.