Been There Before ...
    Banjo Patterson - Sydney or the Bush - late 1880's ...
    There came a stranger to Walgett town,
    To Walgett town when the sun was low,
    And he carried a thirst that was worth a crown,
    Yet how to quench it he did not know;
    But he thought he might take those yokels down,
    The guileless yokels of Walgett town.

    They made him a bet in a private bar,
    In a private bar when the talk was high,
    And they bet him some pounds no matter how far
    He could pelt a stone, yet he could not shy
    A stone right over the river so brown,
    The Darling river at Walgett town.

    He knew that the river from bank to bank
    Was fifty yards, and he smiled a smile
    As he trundled down, but his hopes they sank
    For there wasn't a stone within fifty mile;
    For the saltbush plain and the open down
    Produce no quarries in Walgett town.

    The yokels laughed at his hopes o'erthrown,
    And he stood awhile like a man in a dream;
    Then out of his pocket he fetched a stone,
    And pelted it over the silent stream --
    He had been there before: he had wandered down
    On a previous visit to Walgett town.

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